EduQ International Natural Touch Association

EduQ INT promoting parents-children bonding and women wellness with Eastern and Western fused Natural Therapy. Since 2001, Mrs. Doris Seau  the founder of EduQ International Natural Touch Association, Master Trainer and Natural Therapy Practitioner, in her parenting and wellness career in various Asia countries,  has been practicing Natural Therapy focusing in massage therapy based on Traditional Chinese medicine, Thai massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, yoga, energy healing,  Swedish Massage  and music therapy with many years of studies, practices, experiences and researches.  

There are many parents from different nationalities especially mother group learned and practiced the EduQ INT method to enhance skin-to skin communication and wellness with their children, increase confidence in happy parenting and self-wellness. Besides, many mothers from Japan, China, Thai, America, Canada learn to become EduQ Instructors to facilitating Natural Therapy courses for other mothers and families from stage of Maternity  to parents  group with children  from 0 year-old up to 18 year-old. And EduQ Therapists are trained to provide healing massages to women, pre and postnatal mothers.

Maternity & Baby Bonding Massage Parents and Instructor course (EBMI)
Kids Fun Massage Parents & Instructor Courses (EKMI) 1-6yeraold
Growing-up Child Massage Parents & Instructor Courses (EGMI) 7-18 year-old
Special Needs Child Massage Course
Kids Sports Massage Parents & Instructor Courses (EKSMI)
Women Wellness Massage Courses -Self-care Wellness -Fertility up -Prenatal & Postnatal

EduQ INT Main office: Tokyo, Japan

EduQ International Natural Touch Association
801 Loppongi Height, 4-1-16 Loppongi, Tokyo, Japan